It's finally time for a shop update with new baskets and new style of earrings.

The update will include some beautiful small ribbon baskets made from left over ribbon fabric from the garment industry that would otherwise be thrown out, adding to landfills.

I will also have some new baskets made from a soft braided cotton cord. Made of 95% recycled cotton 5% other fibers. Not only is it a beautifully textured material for creating gorgeous baskets but it is also eco friendly. To get the color, the fiber is not dyed, they choose similar color garments, break down the fabric to cotton fiber again and then spin the fiber to create the cotton thread. With this manufacturing process, the water usage can be reduced in more than half and reduce very significantly the CO2 emissions.

I only have a few of these cotton cord baskets for the shop update tomorrow. But don't worry I have some more of this beautiful fiber arriving this week that I will add to the shop as I make the baskets.

I'm also excited to share my new style of earrings. I only have limited stock in the earrings since they are a debut product and would love to get feedback on this new item.

The new items will be added to on August 16, 2021 at 7pm EST.