Bolster Brim Sunhat Crochet Kit

I’m so excited to finally share the big news about my collaboration with Erika Vondrak of Vondrak Yarns.

My new pattern release, the Bolster Brim Sunhat will be part of a crochet kit with Vondrak Yarns.

I would like to start off by telling you about the inspiration behind this pattern. I’m not one who usually wears a hat mainly because I have a smaller head size and all the hats tend to be too big me. Otherwise, I would love to sport a fedora hat every now and then. However, the last couple of years I’ve been searching for a sunhat, because I burn quite easily within the ten minutes of being in the sun. Well not much luck with finding one that fit. I did get one but it’s still too big, but I liked the size of the brim for coverage. Whenever I wear it, the hat shifts around on my head and the material itself is scratchy and uncomfortable. I thought about making myself a hat but didn’t find the type of yarn needed to make a decent sunhat. Searching Etsy for different types of yarn, I came across a tape yarn through Vondrak Yarns. I ordered a roll to try out. Of course like most of my yarns, I buy them and then they sit on the shelf for a long time before trying out my original idea. Finally a couple of months ago, I decided to give the sunhat idea a go. With lots of trial and error, I got results that I had been imagining. Not only did it look like a sunhat, but with my Bolster stitch and the tape yarn the brim was sturdy. The yarn made it soft and comfortable to wear and most importantly, it fit my little noggin!

I sent the photo to Erika Vondrak and she loved it. She contacted me to let me know that she had seen my live back in February and really liked my work and the Bolster stitch and that she had wanted to reach out to me about a collaboration but not quite sure what exactly. After a few conversations we decided to collaborate on a crochet kit with my sunhat pattern, since the sunhat was designed specifically with Vondrak Yarns’ tape yarn.

With the Bolster Brim Sunhat Crochet Kit, the yarn and pattern are sold separately.

The yarn kit comes with the 2 skeins of tape yarn in your choice of color(s). Both the pattern and the yarn kit will be available to purchase on Etsy and linked to each other. So if you purchase the pattern, you will see a link to the yarn kit Etsy page to purchase. The kit will be available to purchase starting this evening. I will also have the pattern available for purchase on Ravelry with the link to the yarn kit as well.

If you haven’t heard of tape yarn before it is a woven fabric that is flat; it may also be called ribbon yarn because of its flat shape. The tape yarn at Vondrak Yarns’ is made from regenerated cotton. Regenerated cotton is using left over cotton cloth scraps from the clothing industry that would end up in the landfill and in this case is made into a lovely, soft tape yarn. I love the fact that this yarn helping reduce waste and I hope to design more patterns with it.

If you would like to learn more about Erika and Vondrak Yarns, check out her website Vondrak Yarns

You can purchase the pattern at Bolster Brim Sunhat Pattern and the yarn kit at