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Just Add Ice Giveaway

August 19, 2018

I had the amazing opportunity to take a tour of the Green Circle Growers' greenhouse in Oberlin, OH. Their brands are Just Add Ice and Wild Interiors. The tour and learning about orchids was such a wonderful experience! 

I thought these beautiful flowers would need a lot of care as I'm not the best green thumb. However, the care is quite easy, just 3 ice cubes a week and some sunlight and done. Easy peasy! My daughter was in love with the orchids when she saw them and wanted one of her own.  So she picked out a vibrant purple color and is excited that she can take care of her own plant. She sticks to the ice cube schedule (3 cubes every Thursday) and makes sure it has a nice spot near the window.  I love that this gorgeous flower is easy enough to care for and peaks my daughter's interest in plants and flowers. 



Just Add Ice® is hosting a giveaway on Facebook and Instagram to celebrate and spread the word about ice watering. In a recent study by the Ohio State University and the University of Georgia, it was determined that watering Phalaenopsis Orchids with ice cubes was safe and effective. (Read the study here: http://hortsci.ashspublications.org/content/52/9/1271.full).


To enter the social media giveaway, visit Just Add Ice® on Facebook (facebook.com/justaddice) and Instagram (Instagram.com/justaddice). Posts will go live on Monday August 20 and will continue until Friday August 31 with a total of six giveaway posts to enter! There will be six giveaway posts and a chance for multiple entries if participants tag and share with their friends.


Winners will receive a free Classic 5” Orchid, an insulated Just Add Ice® tote for picnics or shopping, and a silicone ice tray with enough cubes for seven weeks of watering.




Good Luck!


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