New Things at Jsodet Crochet

It has been a whirlwind these last few months!

I was busy crocheting winter accessories for a local Holiday Pop Up Shop that was open from November to Christmas time. I also crocheted some more of these items that are being sold at The Reiki Room in Lakewood, OH. Once my consignment work was complete, I was able to concentrate on my new goals for Jsodet Crochet. One of the goals was to separate my handmade from my pattern designs. I wanted to do this because they are quite different from each other.

I decided to design crochet patterns that use the Bolster Stitch and a design a variety of items including wearables and home decor. My handmade items I wanted to concentrate on home decor only, specifically baskets.

I'm obsessed with crocheting baskets! I also wanted to make my handmade business more

Eco-friendly. At Jsodet Crochet on Etsy my items are crocheted with yarn made from fabric off cuts the garment industry discards. So instead of wasting the extra fabric they don't use, they turn it into yarn. There is also wonderful cotton yarn that is made from recycled cotton. Speaking of cotton, I found a company that makes business cards from t-shirt off cuts. Again instead of wasting the extra

t-shirt material, the cotton is broken down and recreated into a paper form. I saw the video and felt the cotton paper and was hooked. Another item I use with my handmade products are logo tags. I originally used leather tags for wearable items and wood tags for home decor items. I looked into a sustainable and vegan substitute and found cork logo tags. I loved the natural look of the cork tags and it could be used on both wearables and home decor all while being more Eco-friendly than my previous choices. I want to help reduce waste and recycle material, give them a second chance to be something amazing!

From now on you can shop my handmade items from my Etsy Shop, by clicking on link or the Etsy tab on my website.

For those of you are crocheters can shop my patterns through my Ravelry Store, by clicking on the link or the Ravelry tab on my website. I know I'm a little late, but Happy New Year and Welcome to the New Jsodet Crochet!

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