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Jsodet Crochet!

Welcome! I'm Jen the Owner, Designer and Crocheter of Jsodet Crochet.

Many people ask me about my company name. How do you say Jsodet? It is pronounced as "Jay- So-Day" to rhyme with "crochet". What does Jsodet mean? I wanted a name that represents who I am, but "Jen Crochet" is not very catchy. So I took the letters J so det from my first, maiden and married names to create something unique to me. 

I started crocheting in 2010, learning through YouTube tutorial and trying out all different things to crochet. In 2016 I created a stitch I named the Bolster Stitch, you can read more about that by clicking here

At Jsodet Crochet you will find crochet patterns featuring the bolster stitch as well as ready made home decor items made from recycled fibers also featuring the bolster stitch.


To purchase patterns or ready made items go to my Shop page


You can follow me on following social media platforms by clicking on the icons below. 

Please take a look around and contact me with questions or comments.

Bolster Brim Sunhat

Hi, I'm Jen the crocheter behind Jsodet Crochet. Welcome to my website. Subscribe to keep up to date with what's going on at Jsodet Crochet. 

One of my 1st baskets made using the Bolster Stitch

To learn more about the Bolster Stitch, how I discovered it, named it and where to find it check out Bolster Stitch

One of my first baskets using The Bolster Stitch.

Made with Universal Yarn's Uptown Bulky in Aqua.

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